What is remembered lives

In 1992, I moved to NYC with $300, 2 part time jobs and a broken heart. One of the jobs was as a receptionist at a medical practice on 5th Ave and 14th St. It was the height of the AIDS pandemic and a large percentage of our patients were HIV+. During the year that I worked in that office, my life was forever changed.

This week, as I’ve done since December 2020, I talked to my students about the first pandemic I lived through, about the failure of the government and the then president’s refusal to address the crisis.

The lack of government response to Covid felt oh so familiar.

Although HIV is no longer a death sentence, assuming you’ve been diagnosed and have access to medical care, I can’t forget those who were lost. Actually, I don’t want to forget them.

What is remembered lives and I most certainly remember. Do you?

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