The A, B and D of politics

b-c-d-alphabet-letters-floral-elements-decorative-vintage-different-designs-square-format-behind-each-uppercase-33779316Did you notice I left out “C?” That’s because “C” would have been for Clinton and I found her to be a deeply flawed candidate that the Democratic National Committee forced upon me as their chosen candidate. It wasn’t that I believed her to be unqualified, only that she was the wrong nominee at a time when citizens were demanding someone not closely connected to the “establishment.” Sorry, Hillary, but Bernie was my guy. He’s not my “B,” though. We’ll get to that. Let’s begin with “A.”

A” is for Andrew Cuomo, our governor and a man I don’t plan to ever vote for again. I can’t say never because, as I was reminded, what would I do if Cuomo ran against Palandino? Right, there’s that to consider, isn’t there? My lack of support for our governor is a result of his inept and heavy-handed implementation of Common Core Curriculum at the expense of teachers. The damage he caused to my profession was undeserved and I’m holding a grudge.

B” is for Barack Obama, a man who held the highest office in our country and conducted himself in a manner that was unfailingly appropriate and worthy of respect. While he may not have accomplished all I had hoped for, he and his family represented me in a way that made me proud to be an American. His intelligence, speaking skills and empathy will be missed and I sincerely hope Barack (and Michelle, too!) continues to play a role in our government and policy making. His rational thoughtful voice is going to be needed now more than ever…and that brings us to “D.”

D” is for disturbed and destructive and dangerous and divisive and disrespectful. “D” is for dismayed and distressed and disgusted. “D” is for Dear Lord, let’s hope this goes by with dizzying speed. “D” is for Donald Trump.

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