Roman holiday

It seems like forever ago that I found a cheap ticket to Rome and made the close to spontaneous decision to grab my Amex card and jump on the deal. The date of my trip, though, is finally approaching and I couldn’t be more excited for my first trip ever to the Eternal City. I’ve had plenty of time to consider what I’d like to do and my plans are starting to gel. It’s been a bit of a struggle to rein myself in, but my ultimate goal for this getaway to come home richer* and rejuvenated. With that as my motivation, here’s what I’m hoping to do…

  • Visit a thermal spa.
  • Eat pasta.
  • Run a 14k – if possible as part of an organized run, if that doesn’t work I’ll run it solo.
  • Travel to Naples and spend a day checking out artifacts from Pompeii, the view to Capri and eating pizza.
  • Drink wine.
  • Spending some time in Pompeii taking in Vesuvius.
  • Walking around Rome with my freshly cleaned and maintained Nikon.
  • Eat pasta.
  • Taking one day for tourist attractions – the Vatican and Sistine Chapel in the morning and the Colosseum in the late afternoon.
  • Stand on the terrace of my AirBandB with a glass of wine (prosecco if it’s daylight, something red after dark) to gaze at Rome and wonder how I ever got so lucky to have this life.


*richer isn’t about money – be it dollars or euros!

5 thoughts on “Roman holiday

  1. Roman Holiday is a great movie. I should make my kids watch it.

    Here are two of my wish list pizza places that I’d love to visit.

    In Rome, Bonci’s Pizzarium. Everything I’ve seen about the place looks good. I have his book and there are a lot of unique topping combinations. here’s a link to an Anthony Bourdain visit to the shop.

    In Naples, there are several well known places but at the top of my list to try is 50 Kalo. Here’s a link to a quick look at their pizza. There are a lot of others if you feel like going down that youtube rabbit hole.

    Have a great time!

  2. Huh. We are also heading to Rome soon. Would be quite bizarre to bump into you there :). [Quick family trip – 3 nights Venice, 4 nights Rome. First time to either!]

      1. That… would be bizarre. [We’re taking BA via London though, because air miles, so probably not.]

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