Daily Archives: February 22, 2018

What else is there?

Getting lost on your way to a restaurant that’s a Yelp two minute walk away but ending up in a place with a gnocchi Amatriciana special only available on Thursday and…it’s Thursday!

Then, a bottle of amarone catches your eye. 46 euro? Ok. #lastnightonmyfirsttriptorome #wine #italianwine #amarone #favorite #delso #winenot?

Literally stamp your feet on the stone floor with glee! You’re in Rome! You feel nearly giddy. This is a dream.

Ready for some dolce. Second thought: fresh air.

About as charmed as one can be by a wc without tp.

Not feeling like a big spender, nor as self indulgent. No, it was a splurge and you made it. Joyously.

Savor a glass and leave the rest for the servers. Perfect. It’s not about consuming everything available – it’s about enjoying as much as you want.

I really can’t wait to come back to Italy.


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