Poestenkill’s Pine Ridge

It’s understandable that many people are, as they say, “done with winter.” That cold snap we had over the holidays was fierce and the recent Nor’easters have resulted in power outages and property damage from fallen trees and limbs. I get it, but I’m not feeling the same way. I really have come to love winter.

Last Sunday one of the Lunar B*tches and I took a drive literally over the river and through the woods to spend a few hours cross-country skiing in one of the prettiest spots imaginable – Pine Ridge Ski Center. As we neared our destination, the ride became progressively more beautiful with branches thickly frosted with snow and bright whiteness as far as the eye could see.


When we hit the trails after purchasing our passes ($20), we were absolutely awed by what we encountered. It was, as we repeatedly said, absolutely stunning. The conditions were ideal with perfectly groomed trails cutting through some of the most gorgeous landscape you can imagine. The evergreens that edged our path were bowed with the weight of the snow and there was evidence of the efforts that had been made to clear the trails from downed branches and trees, reminders of the damage that Mother Nature had wrought with the most recent storm. None of this detracted from the almost overwhelming beauty.

We encountered few people during our 2+ hours skiing adventure and it was so gloriously quiet that the most prevalent sound was the gurgling of a stream we crossed and crossed again during our outing. Fat snowflakes fell, adding to the sensation that we were inside some sort of magical snow globe. It was a fabulous afternoon which encapsulated everything I love about winter – being outdoors in a beautiful setting with a great friend. If you’re lucky enough to have all of those in your life, there isn’t a reason to not love every season.

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