Vacation is just a (NY) state of mind

0BC37B43-8DE0-4733-AC8B-EE2EE57386CBAt least that was my thought the other night as I prepared dinner at my airbandb. My youngest son was in town hanging out with a friend he’s known his entire life, probably doing things I don’t really want details about, and the dog and I were keeping an eye on each other in this new place getting comfortable.

My meatless Monday meal was leftover veggie fried rice I had made (with leftover rice) and green beans that had been snapped from their stalks only an hour or two before their hot water steam, followed by an ice bath and then, finally, a delicious garlicky olive oil dressing.  It was perfect and exactly what I wanted.

I opened the bottle of white I had brought from home. It was crisp and beautifully balanced between mineral and floral. I turned on the tv and suffered through the pains of figuring out how to make it work, finally deciding on a foreign film because the lead actress, Juliette Binoche, is a favorite. I read the captions, sipped my French wine and felt happy. Booking this place had been a really fantastic idea.

When you love to travel, like I do, and have a reputation for being a planner, also me, seeing multiple vacation itineraries disappear and realizing one’s calendar is more blank than perhaps ever before, is hard. By no means is it comparable to losing a loved one to a dreadful illness, but that doesn’t cancel my feeling of sadness about a summer supremely different than the one I had planned it to be last fall. Such is life, right?

This summer’s trip was partially with one of my sons. You know, it was his turn in the rotation. I was really looking forward to spending some enforced time together. He’s at an age when he’s less inclined to spend time with me and a solid two weeks traveling in a new place together seemed a good way to share an experience and make some memories. Once that adventure went by the wayside, I knew that I needed to come up with a Plan B.

So, I found the ideal spot in the Hudson Valley where my son and I both have friends and packed up the dog and kid and headed south. It’s definitely not Seville or Valencia, but it’s pretty and we’re all happy to be away, even if it is only 65 miles from home. We’re so lucky to live in a region that has so much to do and see, in particular all of the outdoor activities at a time when being indoors comes with an increased risk of contracting COVID -19. 

Summer 2020, I guess I don’t really mind you at all. At least not in New York State.

4 thoughts on “Vacation is just a (NY) state of mind

    1. I was about ten minutes from the center of New Paltz in Highland. It was a great location for me because I have nearby friends and I was allowed to bring my dog. I might try to grab another few days there later in summer!

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