Pizza @Cafe Capriccio

Pizza a la Capriccio
Looks like there may be a new contender in AOA’s Tournament of Pizza.  Friday night Yasmine, Will and I ventured  to Capriccio for a late night, grown-up dinner and were the lucky recipients of Franco’s beautiful circle of love. The pizza Margherita was delicious!  Six slices of crisp crust, fresh, flavorful sauce, and generous mozzarella finished with fresh basil…a perfect beginning to a terrific evening.  The angle of the photo above is misleading – that crust was thin, baby.  I’m talking fold it in half and hear it crunch thin.  I don’t know if pizza is on the menu there yet, but it would be worth your time to investigate.  Pair with the eggplant and a plate of Franco’s home-cured meats, alongside a delicious bottle of Barbera, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic dinner for 2 for little green. 

My frequent partner in crime, Yas

alcohol, whipped cream, chocolate = dessert in a glass

Since we were cabbing it for the night, it was the perfect occasion to enjoy a nightcap at The Point.  Would you just look at this frothy concoction the lovely bartender made for me?  I requested a dessert drink…something with raspberry and chocolate and this is the gorgeous cocktail she served me.  Wish I knew what was in it, but I guess the important thing is, I know where to get another one. 

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