Champagne (and pork belly!) on the Park

pork belly – not everything needs tulips to be beautiful!

Last Thursday was the annual Lark Street BID fundraiser, Champagne on the Park.  Of all the Tulip Fest weekend events, this one is my favorite. Tulips, champagne, food, smartly dressed people…what’s not to like?  The weather mostly cooperated and I took a ton of pictures, 30 of which were featured in a “Seen” Gallery on the Times-Union website.  The flowerbeds were spectacular this year and it seemed to me that they were even more creatively laid out with  great color combinations and precise patterns than in past years.  Beautiful!  I didn’t eat nearly as much as I would have liked because I was too busy chatting with friends, both old and new, but I did get to try  Jason Baker’s Pork Belly, as well as the cake that Debbie Klauber baked.  No coincidence that both, of course, went perfectly with champagne. Being a social butterfly also meant  I  didn’t overindulge with champagne, a fact I was most appreciative of come Friday morning.    I’ve had the good fortune to attend this event for the past three years and must admit that this year was my favorite year ever – it definitely must have been the company.  I am  a lucky girl.  


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