Allman Brothers and Santana at SPAC – 7/27/12

I had a chance to finally get to a show last night at SPAC – first of the season.  Despite all the rain we’ve had recently the lawn was in good shape and the crowd was definitely there to have a good time.  The Allman Brothers sounded fantastic.  Gregg’s voice was in tip-top shape and if Willie Nelson ever needs a doppelgänger I’d say Gregg Allman is his guy.  It’s really nice to see Derek playing with more soul as he ages.  Watching Carlos playing the blues was awesome and it is very difficult to believe that a man with his youthful spirit could have possibly been on stage at Woodstock.  Wow.

I’ve seen both of the acts before, but there was definitely something special in the air last night – and I’m not talking about the pervasive smell of weed, either.  I won’t forget last night for a long time.  More pictures here at my Seen gallery at the Times Union.  See if you can spot me in a group photo with my new best girlfriends!

Derek and Warren
Carlos working the stage
The unmistakable Carlos


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