Roadtrip Rendezvous – Kingston

Classic self-timer shotOver the years, the girls and I have met in many Hudson Valley towns.  Woodstock, Saugerties, Rhinebeck, New Paltz and Kingston come immediately to mind as locations which have witnessed our antics as we attempt to squeeze in all we wish to share - thoughts, experiences, illicit indulgences, a meal...whatever.  It would be … Continue reading Roadtrip Rendezvous – Kingston

Treetops to Rooftops – 5K

image: Bob KopacLast Saturday, on what may have been the most beautiful morning of June, a couple of friends and I ran the 4th edition of the Treetops to Rooftops 5K in the lower Hudson Valley.  Or, to be more precise, over the Hudson River via the Walkway over the Hudson.  In 2011, this race … Continue reading Treetops to Rooftops – 5K

If I were mayor – driving edition

image: http://images.lexmark.comYou know what makes me insane? I mean, other than bad service and people not respecting the rights of pedestrians in the crosswalk?  Double parking when there is a space available.  I don't think I've ever seen this done with the frequency I see it happening in Albany.  It seems that usually when I observe this, … Continue reading If I were mayor – driving edition

Notes on film and music

That title sounds pretentious, doesn't it? Apologies. I've consumed a movie and a cd recently and, while I had distinctly different opinions of the two experiences  there were similarities in the strength of my response to each of them, And the fact that the two primary artists involved, Johnny Depp and John Mayer, are beginning … Continue reading Notes on film and music