Goldilocks and the 3 beaches

20130711-100837.jpgCan I start by saying that pill I took for flying was a BIG mistake? I swear I’ve tolerated sleeping pills, and by “pills” I mean “pill,” but somehow this one knocked me on my arse. I vomited before I even got on the plane, which completely defeated the purpose of the pill which is to sleep instead of getting motion sickness. Thank you for letting me share that with you.

Today was a beach day of sorts. Yes, a beach day in Ireland, I said. We bought an all day family ticket (15 euro) for the DART and hit two beaches south of Dublin and one north. We went to Greystones first, hoping to spot Bono, but the morning fog was pretty soupy and we didn’t have much of a view of anything. We hopped back on the train for one stop and were able to catch a random sunbeam and a delicious gelato in Bray.

While the weather improved as we headed back north, the um, scenery, shall we say, did not. Bray was decidedly seedy, Griffin likened it to Venice Beach, which is a pretty cool comparison to be able to make when you’re 14 friggin years old. Perhaps it was the carnival that was in town? Whatever the reason, we decided to jump back on the DART to try the north side of Dublin for some quality beach time – destination: Howth!

The sun broke firmly through the clouds somewhere along the ride and we exited the train to blazing sunshine and the need for lunch. Howth has a wicked cute pier with numerous food options, all fish related, naturally. We went with the food truck since we are traveling on a budget. My fish and chips was delicious – a thin fillet, crisply fried with a dusting of finely chopped green herbs. Griffin went with the fried calamari and it was perfectly prepared with the thinnest coating of batter and a nice mixture of tentacles and rings. Bellies full, we decided a walk on the beach was in order.

I have to say that the beach area closest to the pier was pretty gross. Lots of random trash and seaweed hugged the shoreline and we had zero interest in dipping our feet in. As we progressed, things began to look more appealing and we braved taking our shoes off only to be shocked by the temperature of the water – brrrrrr! We continued walking and discovered some lovely warm spots where the sand was soft and the water warm enough for us to almost imagine immersing ourselves in the gentle waves. While Greystones was too grey and Bray was too colorful, Howth was just right.

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