Things you may not know about Ireland

I’m not here to talk to you about the likelihood of spotting a leprechaun or the intense greenness of the countryside. No, I’m here to tell you about some things you may not know. For instance, are you familiar with the phrase “going out for a bit of craic?” True confession: the first time I was in Ireland and my cousin suggested we partake in some craic, I was worried. Come to find out that “craic” is a term for fun. This craic isn’t whack – promise.

Another thing that I found confusing are the road signs, particularly one that says “Ramps.” This word refers to neither the entrance or exit to a motorway or those spring onions for which everyone goes crazy. Instead “Ramps” essentially mean speed bumps in the road. You’re welcome.

Most Americans have figured out that chips are fries and crisps are chips, but how about aubergines? Familiar? Well, aubergines are eggplants and they seem to be pretty popular, especially in Asian cuisine and vegetarian dishes. It is a much more elegant word for those purple orbs, don’t you think?

Speaking of colors, it is possible to get a lovely tan in Ireland if you happen to visit during the best summer in years. As a matter of fact, if you neglect to put sunscreen on your feet you just might end up with sunburn on your feet. At least that’s what a leprechaun once told me.


3 thoughts on “Things you may not know about Ireland

  1. Thanks for mentioning the term craic. Van Morrison refers to it in many of his songs. The first time I heard him sing “and the Craic was good” – I did wonder indeed ~~ until I found out what it meant!!!

    My boss keeps telling me how bad the food was in Ireland – but looking at some of the dishes you guys have been eating – it look’s pretty darn good!!

    Your so fortunate to make these trips with your individual sons. Something you will both always remember. Kudos to You!!!



  2. The first time I heard the term “craic” was in a Van Morrison song as he sang how “the craic was good”. I had my doubts – as you did – until I found out it was fun and social conversation. He actually refers to it in quite a few of his songs!

    My boss keeps telling me that the food in Ireland was lousy – but from the looks of your pictures – it seems pretty darn good. I guess he went to the wrong places…

    Kudos to you for taking each son on a separate trip. Memories for you both to always cherish. I get a kick out of the comparisons in their personalities – each having their own special way!


  3. Thanks, Susan. The food has been consistently very good and the Irish are certainly promoting and using their native ingredients beautifully. The salmon is world class and I find the meals to be much less meat and mash than they were in the past. Each time I visit Ireland I notice changes, some negative, but most very positive.

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