Rocking out the summer – part 2

998240_10151854866042889_351132969_n48 hours after the Allman Brothers’ show, I found myself again at the gates of SPAC, this time for a show by a couple of pretty boys, Phillip Phillips and John Mayer. Seeing as how I’m smitten by a handsome man, I was there, though, purely for the music. American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips, charmed with his enthusiasm and excitement, seemingly thrilled to be playing such a special venue. His voice and vibe remind me of Dave Matthews and I’ve been guilty of hearing his songs on the radio and attributing them to DMB, much to my son’s dismay. I enjoyed his set and was pretty impressed by his voice as well as his ability to fill the seats as an opener.  The place was packed!

Speaking of filling seats, side note to the incredibly entitled girls standing in front of us for most of the opening act: when the entire audience is sitting down in their $80 + seats and you are preventing dozens of people from seeing the performance because you are the only ones standing up, it is obnoxiously rude. Now you know.

And John Mayer? Well, for a guy who has a reputation for being an ass, he was a delight. I caught his show last time around (which I very much enjoyed) and detected a bit more humility Friday night. He was exceedingly complimentary about the audience and the venue and played with a graciousness that was refreshing. I loved his sampling of Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix and his cover of the Dead’s Friend of the Devil was a lot of fun.

Mayer’s last two albums have been a bit of a detour from his previous work, but I really like Born and Raised and his latest effort, Paradise Alley, is growing on me. I’m particularly diggin’ track #3, Waitin’ on the Day and the duet he sings (and co-wrote) with Katy Perry.  The sound is definitely different, but I’m kind of enjoying the grown up John Mayer. His guitar skills are as impressive as ever and if you have a chance to catch him, get yourself there. I don’t think you’ll regret it.  Here are some pic from the show – it may have been the biggest crowd I saw all season.

Until next summer, SPAC.

2 thoughts on “Rocking out the summer – part 2

  1. Had the same experience with “Mean Girls” at Kid Rock concert last night. Standing up so no one else could see anything in the balcony area. We had to leave (to avoid hurting someone) & go out on the lawn. Some people!

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