Another squirrel story!

After my previous post, in which I confessed to holding a grudge against some  squirrels, you might be surprised to learn that I spent some time last weekend running a trail race called the Squirrelly Six.  All I can say is this: I mentally made it a grey squirrel rather than the despised red squirrel … Continue reading Another squirrel story!

My two favorite childhood books

I grew up in a house surrounded by books. Holidays and birthdays always came with books and I have vivid memories about my favorites. Two titles which greatly impacted me are Miss Suzy by Miriam Young and Virginia Lee Burton's The Little House. Now, these are two seemingly different books, but, I've recently realized they … Continue reading My two favorite childhood books

Reflections from a full moon run

October's Hunter's Full Moon run with the Lunar Bitches had a lot going on.  It had been an entire month since we had all been together and life moves fast.  We all have children and full time jobs (+) and relationships to maintain and we are definitely busy. Our runs are generally an easy combination … Continue reading Reflections from a full moon run

Albany Urban (redhead) Raid 2013

When was the last time you leaped hurdles? Climbed a knotted rope? Swung on monkey bars? If you're anything like me and your response is "middle school," last Saturday's Urban Raid in downtown Albany would have given you an opportunity to revisit those glory days. Minus the one-piece polyester P.E. uniform, of course. This event … Continue reading Albany Urban (redhead) Raid 2013

Minnewaska must mean “beautiful” in Native American

In what feels like a previous lifetime, my girlfriends and I would meet in the mountains outside of New Paltz for our annual hike.  There were years before the babies came, and even a couple of years after the oldest of the babies were born, when we would simply amble along a path by the … Continue reading Minnewaska must mean “beautiful” in Native American

Explorations and discoveries

In the last few years, my perspective has changed dramatically.  Once upon a time, I believed that all my decisions had been made and the future held only more stagnation.  It was like I was a participant in some organized game with the only object being to "land" on particular spaces in a mostly consistent … Continue reading Explorations and discoveries