Reflections from a full moon run

Full Hunter’s Moon by Raven Wu

October’s Hunter’s Full Moon run with the Lunar Bitches had a lot going on.  It had been an entire month since we had all been together and life moves fast.  We all have children and full time jobs (+) and relationships to maintain and we are definitely busy.

Our runs are generally an easy combination of conversation and silence, along with a few “watch outs” thrown in as we tread through less than clear paths.  Kind of like life, it seems.

I realized on Sunday night that we have some strong common threads, in addition to the running, which serve to connect us.  We each have children who have challenges with which they struggle.  Our struggle as moms often is to find the “right” balance between helping our kids by helping them and helping them by not helping them.  There isn’t a cool app we can use to measure our success as we do our runs.  It isn’t easy, but we’re trying to teach our children independence and personal responsibility.

All three of have in the last year or so have had a change in our careers, be it be in our hours, employers or the populations with which we work.  There was a limited amount of complaining by each of us when the new positions were initially meted out by the universe, but it seems now that we have unanimously been able to transition to a positive place professionally.  We’ve landed on our feet.

During our runs, through fields and on rock strewn dirt roads, there’s always some stumbling.  We’ve come to learn and, more importantly, appreciate the obstacles which threaten to trip us up occasionally.  How we recover from that which threatens our balance has become an opportunity to exercise our strength.

 I’m already looking forward to November’s Frost Moon and run.


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