Love and hate in the 518

Knowing me as you do, you can probably predict that there are far more things that I love about the Capital District than I hate. How about we just get the negatives on the table so we can get to the good stuff? I really hate the careless drivers I observe during my runs around … Continue reading Love and hate in the 518

The sky’s the limit – two tales from my weekend in restaurants

I'll begin with the planet piece, as in "what planet are you even from?" So, there was this party of five who wandered in from Lark Fest seeking a table.  They were neat in appearance and seemed reasonably intelligent.  Their preference was for a table on the back patio, but unfortunately we did not have … Continue reading The sky’s the limit – two tales from my weekend in restaurants

Breasts and beers

What are you doing October 5th? Nothing?  Well, I've got a couple of ideas for you to consider. First - there's the Komen Race for the Cure. This annual event is a fundraiser for breast cancer research and, although I haven't participated, I've always heard the vibe is incredibly positive and empowering.  Maybe get some … Continue reading Breasts and beers

September 12th, twelve years later

Waking up on this day a dozen years ago, I remember being happy that I could finally get out of bed and escape the image of those towers falling down behind my eyelids, over and over again. The sky was once again stunningly blue, but now it was silent with all commercial airline traffic grounded … Continue reading September 12th, twelve years later