The sky’s the limit – two tales from my weekend in restaurants


I’ll begin with the planet piece, as in “what planet are you even from?” So, there was this party of five who wandered in from Lark Fest seeking a table.  They were neat in appearance and seemed reasonably intelligent.  Their preference was for a table on the back patio, but unfortunately we did not have one available to accommodate 5.  They were given a table inside and served water.   Three members of their party had stopped at the bar for drinks prior to sitting.

Imagine my surprise when, a few minutes later, I went out to the patio and saw one of the women from the 5-top pushing tables together.  When I asked her if someone had told her it was ok to do that she said, “No.” I explained the reason she wasn’t given permission to move tables was because it wasn’t, in fact, ok for her to take it upon herself to do it.  I asked her to return to the table we had already provided for her and assured her that I would get to work on creating a comfortable spot for them.

I was able to combine a couple of tables, carefully arranging the chairs, without causing the rest of the patio to be “unservable.” I invited the group outside and explained the need to leave the chairs as I had arranged them to keep the remaining tables accessible.  Naturally, no sooner had I turned around when one of the women had moved her chair to the precise spot which would prevent anyone from sitting in the two tables behind her, in effect taking up 4 tables for a total of 5 people.  Seriously?

PS.  We served a single glass of $8 wine to the table.  Really.

Up next: the (Jake)Moon

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