Love and hate in the 518

photo(157)Knowing me as you do, you can probably predict that there are far more things that I love about the Capital District than I hate. How about we just get the negatives on the table so we can get to the good stuff?

I really hate the careless drivers I observe during my runs around town. It would be impossible for me to count the number of red lights I have witnessed drivers blowing through, and I’m not talking about yellow lights either. These are traffic lights which have been red for at least 3 seconds, which means they were beyond stale yellow when approached. Hey drivers, how about a great big cup of slow the hell down?

My other driving related complaint is drivers not recognizing the pedestrian’s right of way. I’m not even talking about in those (fairly)new crosswalks around town. I’m talking about when a car is stopped at a stop sign or red light. A couple of weeks ago, I legitimately dodged a car when the driver, who had a red light, decided to proceed despite the fact that I was in the crosswalk directly in front of him. When I approached his window, after literally screaming and leaping out of the way of his car, he refused to even look at me or acknowledge that he had nearly hit me. Jerk.

Now, enough of that. Let me express some love for my adopted home. I’ve got two high schoolers this year and I am loving the opportunities which are available at Albany High School. My junior has a grueling schedule, complete with an AP history class and an advanced math course through HVCC. For a grand total of $150, he is earning 3 college credits, as well as the knowledge that he is capable of college level work. My freshman has thrown himself into sports, playing JV soccer on a team which looks like representatives from the United Nations, so diverse in appearance are they. There’s also rec lacrosse weekly and swimming to look forward to later this year.

photo(158)This morning, my middle son and I participated in the first annual Falcon 5K, to benefit the ACSD booster club, in Washington Park. The day was picture perfect and the turnout was terrific – 500+ strong. There were dozens and dozens of student athletes and the sense of community was strong. Everything I saw, reaffirmed my choice to live and educate my children in Albany. Activities like this, and the upcoming Local Harvest Fest, are the kind of amazing, local events which add quality and connection small city living.

Shout out to all the volunteers and race planners, along with AHS alum, Jason Gough, who acted as emcee. And seriously, Pat Fahy, is the hardest working woman in local politics. I can’t go to an event without seeing her! She inspires me with her hard work and always energetic participation.

The 518 looks great.

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