Finding the words at 47

Thanks, Google!

Some of the things I find myself saying at this point in my life…

I love you
It is what it is
Let’s go
Why not?
I’m sorry
You’ve got be kidding me
Why bother?
We all know when we’ve had enough
I’ll give it a shot
Because I’m an idiot
I was away
You’ve got this
I don’t need really need it
Slush fund
I understand
Not my fault
Because I said so
You have no idea
Living the dream
Thank you
I can’t imagine
You’re getting the best of me
I adore you
Is it me?
Stop wasting my time
You have no idea
I’m done
Be mine
So sad
Why would anyone do that?
My boys
Who says that?
The opposite of love is indifference
I’m so proud of you
Never again
You’re welcome
My house
Love, me


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