Where’s the (better) beef?

Can we take a brief turkey time-out and talk about beef instead?  Here's the deal - the boys and I have developed a routine when it comes to meals - Tuesday nights are generally simple, Thursdays seem to have evolved into cleaning out the fridge leftover smorgasbords, Fridays are take-out (or worse) and Saturdays we … Continue reading Where’s the (better) beef?

The end of innocence: The assassination of JFK

I wasn't alive when JFK was assassinated, but that fact didn't prevent me from feeling the void he created in the world's conscience. As the child of immigrants, the knowledge I have of my country, and it's history, have come to me from school and the media, rather than directly from my parents.  The Kennedy … Continue reading The end of innocence: The assassination of JFK

Remember that day I wore leather?

To the VegFest? Yes, that was me. In case you missed the APB from the nice vegan folks, let me tell you about it. It was a busy day, filled with errands and chores. I had committed to shooting the 2013 Albany VegFest which was being held at the Polish-American Community Center out on Washington … Continue reading Remember that day I wore leather?

Duck, duck, soup

Recently, the boys and I had a hankering for Chinese food.  We were looking for takeout, which eliminated our usual spot, Emperor's Palace, but I remembered Steve Barnes doing a review a couple of months ago for a spot on Central Avenue.  After a quick check on their menu and confirmation that they offered Peking … Continue reading Duck, duck, soup