Remember that day I wore leather?

Mine didn’t look quite like these.

To the VegFest? Yes, that was me. In case you missed the APB from the nice vegan folks, let me tell you about it. It was a busy day, filled with errands and chores. I had committed to shooting the 2013 Albany VegFest which was being held at the Polish-American Community Center out on Washington Avenue Extension. I had been warned that it would be crowded with an estimated 2500-4500 expected to be in attendance.

I came close to regretting my professional obligation to take photos when I saw the weather forecast. I would have much preferred taking a long run, on such a spectacular fall day, but I postponed that activity until evening and instead started snapping photos.

I’ve never attended this event before, and was awestruck by much of it – the size of the crowd, the bumper stickers on the cars, the variety of vendors, and the delectable aromas which filled the hall. There were impressive displays of baked goods, condiments, cleaning products and toiletries. Information about animal sanctuaries, green energy and related reading materials, were also present.

I was happy to meet Susan Poisson-Dollar from Field Goods, a produce delivery service which I’ve been using since September. This terrific local business works with independent farmers to gather the freshest produce (organic, low-spray and conventionally raised) and package and deliver it to business locations around the Capital District. I’ve been thrilled with the quality and value of what I’ve received and encourage you to look into it as an excellent resource for vegetables.

I was initially excited to see a couple of current students in the sizable crowd. After pausing to talk with them, I was slightly less elated. You see, they noticed my leather Doc Marten’s. Talk about being embarrassed! Of course, I spent the remainder of my time at the event hoping no one else would notice my faux pas – as well as pulling my sweater down to cover my leather belt. Vegan FAIL!

Here are my photos from the event. Despite my epic lack of vegan cred, I would consider attending this event again. The crowd was smart, the food looked great and everyone I encountered was friendly. I plan to wear my Brooks running shoes.

3 thoughts on “Remember that day I wore leather?

  1. That’s so funny. When my friend came to meet me at my house she had her leather jacket on. I was like “uh oh” – you have leather on and you’re going to a vegan event. Thank goodness it was warm out as we had to leave that jacket in the trunk of the car. Didn’t want rotten tomatoes thrown our way 🙂 I’m not a vegan but wanted to attend the event & see all the different ways of preparing food, it was fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing your photos, I liked the bumper stickers and license plate.

  2. @Debra – I’m not vegan or vegetarian. You should have seen thesteak dinner the boys and I enjoyed that evening!
    @Linda – Musn’t waste the kale! Perhaps cabbage, though…

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