Halloween happenings

DSC_0003I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, it was reliably cold at Halloween. I have distinct memories of the puddles being frozen and heated arguments with my mother about ruining my costume by being forced to wear a coat. Times are different in many ways and it seems to me that many of our recent trick or treating adventures have been enjoyed with much more moderate temperatures. Yet another reason kids today are so soft!

Weather-wise, we got lucky this year. The rain was fairly light and didn’t impede our trick or treating. Quinn had arranged to travel the neighborhood with his buddy and they were absolutely adorable. The most priceless moment had to be their impromptu Thriller dance when we encountered a musical pumpkin – precious! Our neighborhood was awesome with festively decorated homes, friendly people and an overall spirit which made me proud to live where I do.

Speaking of pride, although I couldn’t make the game due to my plans with Quinn, I was thrilled to learn that the Albany Falcons had defeated Shen in their sectional soccer game. What a great thing for our urban district to experience! The Falcons play Guilderland Monday night in Colonie and I am wishing them the best of luck.

I wrapped up the weekend by attending a fantastic party down in Old Chatham at the home of a couple of my oldest friends in Albany. You know, the longer I live in Albany, the lower the degree of separation there is between me and the rest of the population. This is NOT a complaint. I actually kind of love it. It was sometimes challenging to discern who was who at this particular party because the costumes were off the chart fantastic, but there were familiar faces all around me as multiple worlds of mine gently collided. Fun! I regretted forgetting my Nikon, and I wish I could have indulged in the bourbon which smelled ever so delicious, but I did appreciate my sobriety when I encountered those pesky deer in the middle of the road.  Thanks to the wonderful hosts for another terrific party.

How was your Halloween? I hope you had more treats than tricks!

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