Cookies – shipped, snatched and swapped

778899c1-1d67-4ffd-bd84-c5ba034c8751-3052-00000288fdbbdb93_tmpIf I had to pick my favorite type of baked good, I’d go with cookies. I mean, the varieties in flavor, texture and size mean it would almost be possible to have a different kind of cookie every single day! That being said, black & whites, chocolate chip (with walnuts, please) and molasses cookies will always be my favorites. Not that I would want to neglect linzer, oatmeal raisin or sugar cookies…

For the last couple of years I’ve been pretty diligent about producing dozens and dozens of cookies to share with friends and neighbors. My best tip for managing this is to start making cookie dough, in double batches, in November and create a stockpile of ready to go dough in my freezer. It isn’t too difficult to bake off a few dozen in the morning while getting ready for work and I love the idea of my children waking up to the smell of freshly baked cookies. Bad mom, pshaw.


Recently a package of cookies baked by my Aunt arrived from Germany and I excitedly shared a photo of it on my various feeds. I regret now not having taken a picture of what was inside the box since it may have provided me with an inkling of how delicious all of those cookies might have tasted. You see, Jeter, using his uncanny (canine?) sense of smell, detected that within the cardboard box and sealed plastic bag there were an array of tasty treats with his name on them…and he ate them all. Every single one.

Despite being exiled to the hallway as punishment, Jeter followed this display of bad manners a few short days later by housing an entire baking sheet of M&M cookies as they cooled on a rack on my counter. He went back to the hall again after that episode and we’ve been stashing the cookies on top of the refrigerator ever since. And, once I committed to participating in that cookie swap, there were a lot of cookies.

Have you ever done one of these cookie swap things?  Prior to this year I’ve successfully ducked the demand of  baking an extra 7 or 8 dozen cookies, but, Will caught me at a moment when I felt up to adding an additional holiday task to my list.  I’ll be better prepared for that next year.

img_0742Since this was my first (and only) cookie swap I don’t really have a sense if my experience was typical, but I imagine it was.  Nice people, a lovely dinner and a shitload of cookies.  When I finally got home with my much more festive than mine boxes and tins, Quinn and I settled in with glasses of milk and started sampling.  Not only do I now have a ridiculous number of cookies in my house, but I might even have a new favorite or two.

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