Things in Seattle (ish) that made me gasp

The cab driver who tried to charge me $26 for the briefest taxi ride I’ve ever taken. I balked and the price went down to $16.

The price of groceries in the neighborhood where we stayed which is apparently a food desert. Butter was $6 a pound, individual cups of Chobani yogurt $1.79, and eggs for $4.99 a dozen.

The entrance to REI was beyond irritating. We pretty much circled the entire block before we came across the way in. Hey, I’m up for an adventure, but not when it comes to accessing a retail store.*

Chihuly Garden and Glass completely took my breath away. The shapes and colors were mind blowing and just like when I saw a previous exhibit of Chihuly’s work in NYC a few years back, the curation was magnificent. Bravo!

The hills which burned my butt and hamstrings during the hours and miles I walked.

Sitting on “my” rooftop deck in Belltown staring at the skies when two pontoon planes came flying south together and then turned in unison to change direction. Now, it seemed as if they could potentially fly into a nearby curved residential tower, because for the last nearly 20 years I’ve understood that sometimes planes do fly into buildings.

The speed at which our time in Seattle is ending.

* Gasp with annoyance, that is.

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