Did you know I went to Cornell?

ceiling detail

this building fascinated meFor a conference, that is.  I should begin by saying, I didn’t know that much about Cornell.  I was aware of its status as an Ivy.  I realized it is known for its veterinarian program.  And that there are highly regarded hospitality and agricultural educational opportunities available.  Oh – and that there is a rumored underground railroad of sorts between the district where I work and Cornell’s admissions office. I also remembered from my Finger Lakes honeymoon that it is way up the hill.  Yes, this was, in pedagogical terms, my prior knowledge, shall we say?

After I arrived there for a librarians’ conference, I learned a few more things about the Big Red.  For instance, I now know that I am not smart enough for Cornell.  I mean, heck, I’m not intelligent enough to find the correct building or the proper parking lot!  Who are we kidding?  I’ve also read a bit about its history and am very impressed with its mission, founders and endowment. And it is obviously a very pretty place.

The day I spent at Cornell was stunningly beautiful – comfortably warm with a sky scantily dotted with fluffy clouds.  The campus seems to be proportionately sized for the variety of disciplines taught and the architecture is striking.  During the limited free time available to me during the course of the day, I wandered around, frequently returning to the thought that it would be very difficult to pack on the proverbial  “Freshman 15” there with the hilly terrain of the campus.  Gaining a couple of pounds during the conference, however, was a distinct possibility with the amount of food available to attendees.  Yikes – please put those fudge fancies away!

I gained some useful information from the presentations and hope to implement some of this new professional knowledge soon enough.  It seems that every couple of years educators are required to reinvent themselves and a day at an esteemed university is definitely inspiring.  I discovered some personal knowledge as well, when I realized that bunking in with a total stranger in a dorm room, with a shared bathroom in the hallway, was no longer an option for me. There’s being an adult learner and being an undergraduate, and I clearly know which definition is more accurate, and comfortable, in my case.  And, if you’re looking for parking lot WD go through that stop sign, head down the hill and make a left after the frat house.  It’s right there.

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