Why does “fit” sound like “fat” to me?

For awhile I kept hearing that I was too thin.  It both disturbed and delighted me.  Don't get me wrong, I am a healthy eater and borderline obsessive exerciser, yet I don't deny my body either food or rest.  But there's something about being thin that feels powerful, in charge, in control. I grew up … Continue reading Why does “fit” sound like “fat” to me?

Birthday Weekend Memories!

Maybe I'm simple or I have a low threshold for happiness.  I'm not really sure, but what I do know is I had a fantastically, perfect weekend.  As the weekend progressed, I mentally inventoried each special little thing that cumulatively gave me one of my favorite birthday celebrations ever.  Noting 46 of these items was … Continue reading Birthday Weekend Memories!

45 of the most memorable moments of my 45th year

In the spirit of life being comprised of moments and not years, I offer 45 special moments in time which I was blessed enough to enjoy in my 45th year... 1. Memorial Day Girls' weekend in Albany. 2. NYC with Liam - from the Met to running in the dark to Brooklyn from the Lower … Continue reading 45 of the most memorable moments of my 45th year

Florence + the Machine – SPAC, 9/16/12

Last weekend may have been one of the best weekends ever.  The weather was outstanding, the Wine Bar was beautifully busy, Lark Fest was once again a joy, and I got to take my middle son to SPAC to close out the season.  Yep, pretty friggin' awesome. When the show was first announced, I decided a … Continue reading Florence + the Machine – SPAC, 9/16/12

My first 10K or, I run for donuts

On a recent morning that could only be described as glorious, I ran my first 10K.  Slowly.  I was kind of nervous about it since my body has continued to feel uncomfortable (polite euphemism for pain) from my tailbone/glute issues, and I really wanted to run the entire 10K even though there was a 5K … Continue reading My first 10K or, I run for donuts