Newark airport is a pit

imageI can’t say that was obvious immediately. Actually, at first, there was a misleading charm (the worst kind of charm, I think) with regards to the scale of things. We walked right up to the mini checkin counter without delay. We were rid of our baggage and in possession of our boarding passes in less than 15 minutes. Great.

We made our way through the initial security screening noticeably more slowly. This was unfortunate because the shabbiness of the terminal became more apparent with each passing minute. The carpet was worn, the abundance of grey both inside and out was uncompromising. The prospective passengers were not interested in impressing in either appearance or good manners. It felt like the Penn Station of airports – dirty, rundown and filled with people who only wanted to get someplace else. It was not pleasant.

Once we made it through security the reward was minimal. Limited choices for food, less than friendly help at the gate… It seems that travel is no longer an exciting event to be anticipated – it’s more a dehumanizing ordeal to be withstood. Is it any wonder we willing go down those ramps and climb into planes being flown by unknown pilots? It’s as much to get away from where we are as it is to get to where we want to be.  Next stop Nashville.

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