My plate is full

Thanksgiving has once again come and gone leaving behind a turkey carcass and the promise of homemade soup. The boys were with their dad and his large family on Thursday. I sent them off with a loaf of freshly baked bread, content to spend the morning tramping around the golf course with Jeter gathering bittersweet … Continue reading My plate is full

Ode to my (p)leather jacket

Five years ago I bought a super cool motorcycle style jacket. It was beautifully broken in with a patina that mimicked years of wear and I found that it went with everything from jeans and boots to velvet and heels. It was probably the best article of clothing I ever bought at Marshall's and it … Continue reading Ode to my (p)leather jacket

Worst mother, best neighbors

Last Monday, my oldest son and I took a walk with Jeter around the neighborhood. We were about a mile away from our house when we came across some curbside treasure - a leather couch in remarkably good condition. Hmmm. I should tell you about our history with couches. In the last 20 years there … Continue reading Worst mother, best neighbors

Man Crush Monday – 11/16/15

It’s been awhile since I’ve admitted who I’m crushing on, but today seems like a good day to acknowledge a guy who I think is pretty awesome. The man I’m thinking about today is someone I find attractive for his commitment to the environment, international humanitarian causes and my candidate of choice for President, Bernie … Continue reading Man Crush Monday – 11/16/15