Seeing the light

I’m not much of a decorator and my home is primarily filled with items which I’ve ever been given or purchased second-hand. When you collect furniture that way, it takes a long time to establish your own sense of style – or even a cohesive theme, so my house is definitely a little random when it comes to decor. Whatever, it’s comfortable and familiar and that’s pretty ok for me and my family.

A few years back my brother gave me a very modern floor lamp. The base was heavy and there were 5 chrome “arms” that curved up and offered light for under their purple metal shades. It was kind of cool and it fit well enough in my family room, so I took it despite his warning that it was difficult to find replacement bulbs in the correct size. Come on! How hard could it be?

Well, it was a royal pain in the ass. It was the most obscure sized bulb possible and I think that, over the years, we’ve successfully located them (always in limited numbers) twice. A couple of months ago, I hit the wall with this bulb nonsense and made the decision to start looking for a replacement lamp. I trolled craigslist and Target flyers for weeks and even made a stop at the Habitat for Humanity store all without luck.

A couple of weeks ago an ad came across my Instagram feed that finally gave me some hope that I would find a lamp – Wayfair was having a sale and their selection was terrific. After a little second guessing, I made my choice – a modern style, three arm floor lamp with shades for approximately $125. Three days later the box arrived, my middle son put the lamp together and my family room finally had enough light for me to read.

Where do you buy your furniture and decorative accessories? Have you ever shopped online or purchased anything from Wayfair?

2 thoughts on “Seeing the light

  1. From a design sense lighting is hard for me; I’m really snobby about all the lighting in my home and it has to be perfect. Your lamp looks great.

    I have used Wayfair and got some fabulous, beefy director chairs for the catio from them,

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