5 Election Day questions not on any ballot

Is this how it feels when your country is falling apart?

During the buildup to WWII and the Nazi takeover, did Europeans feel the same way I am these days?

How many more ways can we replicate the events of 100 years ago?

Why is it that American students are taught that women received the right to vote in 1920 when, in reality, it was only white women?

Will this country survive four more years of Trump rule?

6 thoughts on “5 Election Day questions not on any ballot

  1. I can honestly say that I do not recognize America anymore. The amount of white supremacy, racist, gun carriers, anger, hate, tribalism, division and acceptance of out right lies, con jobs, attempted dictatorship just blows my mind. This is not the America I grew up in. Donald Trump has dirtied and stained the flag I once loved. I lived through the 60’s with all of the turmoil we still had the summer of love. I lived through the 70’s when the republicans once again allowed another crook, Richard Nixon in the White House, the difference between then and now the republicans finally came to their senses and started impeachment. That coward resigned rather than go to jail. The Republican Party has totally lost their ways and have become the party that enables the most dangerous man to our democracy to ever squat in the White House. The Viet Nam protests were a piece of cake compared to the hate and violence that now takes place. It has become evident that one side of the country believe they alone own and now control America. I fear for a war or even an attempt of states secessions from the Union.

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