Here lies a new dawn

As I lay awake at 3:30 in the morning on this new day for our country, struggling to fall back asleep, my mind races in a way it hasn’t since the days when the pressures of owning a business prevented me from enjoying sound sleep. 

My thoughts dart between some of the events from the last four years. The sanctioned lies which began on Day 1 of the worst presidential administration this country has experienced, when the public was told that the inaugural crowd was the largest ever to gather. That was the first official lie of the Trump presidency, one that almost feels benignly quaint in comparison with the thousands of outrageous falsehoods, exaggerations and utter bullshit this administration has fed its followers for four years.

Far too many smarter and more knowledgeable people have already cataloged each of those lies in a way that this librarian will never have the skills, or the stomach, to list. Although this publication only tells part of the story (having been published early in Trump’s tenure), these two sentences completely sum up, for me, the impact of an unceasing campaign to convince the public that facts are alternative and open to interpretation.

“It is important to get beyond the sheer volume of untruths to examine the damage he has done to the American polity. The harm was not merely misleading his followers, but undermining the foundations of accountable government.” p2.

I feel tired.

This country has come as close to breaking as I’ve ever witnessed, or imagined. We have lost 400,000 residents, the respect of the world and the trust of tens of millions Americans. There are people I’ve been friendly with for decades who I now know prefer to believe the lies of a man (and his minions) concerned with nothing but his own gain, over the truth.

I am sad.

But, finally, it is the last morning that Donald Trump will be President when I wake up. I may as well get out of bed and begin my day.  Although sunrise is still hours off, I think I’d like to greet it with my eyes open and hope dawning.

The image and message from my holiday card this year.

Featured image photo credit: Dick Vincent

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