Saving face

Let’s talk about moisturizer, facial moisturizer to be specific. What are you using and are you satisfied with the results? Do you use more than one – perhaps day and night formulas? Something with sunscreen? A heavier version during the cold weather and perhaps something lighter during the warm months? And – how did you come to choose the products of which you make use?

So many questions, right?

My own relationship with moisturizer began when I was probably about 13. While I may be a little sketchy about when I first wore facial cream, I’m far more certain about what brand it was – Avon. My mother, like so many other 70s women, was an Avon Lady and our house was always filled with boxes of Avon products. 

Now that I think about it, I believe Avon could be considered a gateway drug to my cosmetics enthusiasm. I recall being completely besotted with those teeny little lipstick samples with their perfectly angled tips hidden beneath snug fitting caps. So many colors! Such promise! Who wouldn’t want to own all of them?

However, actually wearing lipstick wasn’t my thing, especially when there were Bonne Belle lipsmackers in delicious flavors, like root beer, to be had. But, skincare? Yes, please. Sign me up!

I couldn’t tell you which of the creams or lotions I first used, but I distinctly remember reading an article in Mademoiselle magazine which advised treating one’s neck with the same product one used on their face. In the decades since I read that beauty tip, I’ve continued to abide by it.

What’s changed many times, though, is what cream, lotion or gel I’ve used to hydrate my skin. It wouldn’t be possible to list them all, but a few do stand out. There was the Clinique phase which lasted quite a number of years. I went in on all three of the steps – cleanser, toner and Dramatically Different lotion. Somehow, I had more time or patience in those days than I currently possess.

I stuck with that regimen until a friend introduced me to Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar. Between the light texture of the cream, fragrance and name, I was sold. I used it for many years, in a number of formulations, until my aging delicate skin demanded more moisture.

Since then I’ve cycled through an array of brands and products seeking a skincare routine to hydrate and smooth my aging skin. I’m not convinced that spending more money necessarily translates into better results and have dabbled in both drugstore and boutique lotions and creams. Some brands that I’ve tried in recent years include Boots 7, Cetaphil, Origins, Kiehl’s, and Oil of Olay.

In the same way I haven’t found a partner who meets my probably unrealistic expectations, I still haven’t found a single product that satisfies. So, I keep looking.

What are you using to minimize lines, hydrate and protect your skin?

3 thoughts on “Saving face

  1. My daughter gave me an assortment of Beekman 1802 products for Christmas and they are glorious. My only complaint, and I know it’s weird, is that there is a tremendous amount of post-consumer waste with their products and it bothers me. The Bloom Cream bottle is heavy frosted glass with a cool flower petal design dispenser, but you cannot remove the top to get the last bits out. Maddening!

  2. I’ve been using Kiehl’s since I was trained to sell it at Barneys New York back in the mid 90’s. I’d recommend the Ultra Facial Cleanser, Vitamin C serum, and calendula cream. I’ve also heard good things about Mad Hippie.

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