It’s all too beautiful

After nearly a week in Greece (already!), I still find myself purring like an island cat at nearly every sight my eyes land upon. The water with its shades of blue, the mostly cloudless sky, the bourgainvillea in deep shades of purple and pink…it’s simply beautiful.

Here, on Paros, the pedestrian streets are mopped each morning and the smell of the air on my daily walk to the bakery changes from pleasantly fragrant cleaning products to a tantalizing aroma of butter and freshly baked pastry. It’s heavenly.

The pride residents take in their homes and community completely lacks pretense. It seems as if they just know how fortunate they are to live in such an aesthetically stunning location in a world filled with far too much ugliness. Being here feels like isolating one’s self from the conflicts going on around the world and I’m here for that. Completely.

3 thoughts on “It’s all too beautiful

  1. Beautiful, Sil. I’m so glad you’re able to take it all in. A morning walk to the bakery sounds divine!

  2. What is better than the smells from a bakery? The smells from a bakery with stunning views from outside….enjoy this well deserved break from the craziness!!!

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