Jump(suit) for my love

Last year when I was in San Francisco, I scored a vintage jumpsuit in a Haight Ashbury shop. It immediately ignited an obsession with one piece dressing for me. It’s just so damn easy -bathroom breaks aside, that is.

The OG from San Francisco

Since the purchase of that sexy af, black eyelet garment, I’ve been experimenting with more jumpsuit styles and, through my Rent the Runway membership, have worn quite a few in recent months. It seems that jumpsuits are on trend and they certainly come in a great variety of styles – not all of which suited me, incidentally. It can be a challenge to find one that fits properly, with the torso length being most critical for comfort and ease of movement.

There were a couple of fails, but here are some of my favorites.

Club Monaco Midi Jumpsuit in black linen

As far as summer style goes, this jumpsuit checked all the boxes. The wide cut legs give the impression of a dress than pants, which makes for a garment that can be dressed up or down. The presence of pockets and the lack of a bra being necessary made this a winner for me. I bought it.

Madewell tie back jumpsuit

I’m a fan of Madewell and generally find their clothes to be good quality and on trend. This jumpsuit was a dream for my trip to the Cape in August and I wore the heck out of it for the time it was “mine.” Primarily a linen/cotton blend, it wrinkled easily but it didn’t matter. It was the perfect romper for a grownup. The very long straps to be tied in back and adjustable shoulders straps customized the fit. Super fun to wear.

Show Me Your Mumu Cropped Everhart Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit was a horse of a different color – cut close to the body with flashy gold button accents lighting up the camel colored corduroy, there was a definite 70s vibe happening. The short sleeves and ankle skimming crop made it perfect for fall and I wore it three times before sending it back to the next lucky lady who gets to rent it.

No. 6 Marlon Corduroy Jumpsuit

Compared to the Show Me Your Mumu number, this No. 6 jumpsuit is completely shapeless. Despite the abundance of fabric, there was a definite lack of length in the torso, making for a less than ideal fit but, it didn’t matter. This deep green one piece was incredibly comfortable. The zipper made it easy to get in and out of and provided an opportunity to add a hint of sexy to what otherwise might be seen as essentially a corduroy flight suit. I wore this multiple times, usually with a tank top underneath, and loved the color and ease of this outfit. I imagine I’ll rent it again later in fall and style it with boots and a turtleneck layered beneath.

Have you experimented with any recent or current fashion trends? Share your fashion experiments with a comment.

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