Peeping leaves, sniffing flowers, patting pets.

Despite the predictions of a muted fall due to the dry summer we experienced in New York, it’s been an absolutely beautiful fall. I think the September rains came at just the right time and the result has been what may be the most spectacular foliage season in memory. I’m talking jaw dropping shades of red, orange, yellow and even purple. Amazing!

During this magical time of the year, I’ve made it a point to get outside to witness the incredible display that nature has provided. There have been walks and drives with, and without, my camera and I’ve very much enjoyed these moments of absorbing the absolute miraculous show of this year’s foliage.

Making the time to appreciate the fleeting beauty of a season is important to me. Gazing at what essentially feels like a miracle reminds me to be present, a skill I continually strive to develop. I know that quiet moments can often slip by without being honored and I want my existence to be rich in experiences which bring joy and wonder – and there have been many of those this fall.

A couple of weeks before the leaves starting showing off, a friend and I went for a walk. Our path led us past what surely must be the most incredibly fragrant roses I’ve ever smelled. I pointed them out and then, with care, gently pulled a nosegay of blooms towards us, encouraging my friend to inhale their scent. Her response was enthusiastic – she, too, appreciated their sweet, almost lemony, aroma.

After a couple of deep sniffs, we continued our walk. My friend mentioned that she had never stopped to smell the roses before, a fact that I found surprising because I know my friend has a deep appreciation for beauty. I told her that it is literally how I live my life. I am no more capable of leaving a flower unsmelled than I am of walking past one of my pets without pausing to give them a pat or even a smooch. I want that connection.

In my mind (and heart) making contact with my surroundings, and those who share them, is what makes life rich and these days leave me feeling like a millionaire.

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