Leftover thoughts

This was the first Thanksgiving in many years that I spent with a beloved and their family. We went to Vermont, while my sons scattered – 2 with family in Massachusetts and the other in Montreal, a mere 65 miles away from where my guy and I were staying. Even though I missed being with my children, it was a truly lovely holiday.

I’ve been fretting about my capabilities in an upcoming serving role situation. I’m lending a hand this weekend at an excellent restaurant that, like so many places, is struggling to fully staff their business and I’m nervous. I’m so awkwardly uncomfortable when I’m unfamiliar with a menu, POS system, staff, dining room layout… Just trying to remember that my professionalism, decades of experience and obvious wish to please will undoubtably be conveyed. I’ve had some truly subpar service recently from those who knew the menu, but lacked hospitality skills. I believe I’ll be fine.

I think the reason old people are so loquacious when it comes to their health, often in painstaking detail, is because they’re mourning the fact that their bodies no longer do what they want, and once expected of them. It’s hard. Indulge them. Growing old is difficult.

Speaking of challenges, Thanksgiving will never again be my favorite holiday. As a kid, I loved it for waking up to delectable aromas and watching the Macy’s parade. Later in life, the day became special for gathering with loved ones and a feast that came without commercialization or the pressure of buying presents. These days, though, I can’t stop thinking about it as a holiday that mythologized what was essentially the beginning of the end for Indigenous people on this land. It’s a sad story and I haven’t worked through it, to be honest. It seems like it’s time to rewrite that story.

Like many others, I’m very interested in the World Cup and tried to catch yesterday’s USA v England match. Sadly, I couldn’t view the game because I don’t have whatever channel or streaming service it was televised on. I resorted to keeping track of the match on the New York Times website, which was less than ideal. It kind of sucks that Americans are finally into soccer football but can’t readily access games.

Beyond a small container of stuffing that wouldn’t fit with the rest of the stuffing I made to bring for our dinner on Thursday, I don’t have any actual leftovers. I’m not missing the turkey as much as the cranberries, pie and fragrantly simmering carcass. I just might need to roast a bird soon.

So, how was your Thanksgiving?

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