On butts and burns and when they coincide

image: greenheritagenews.com

An observation or two after 12 consecutive days at the beach – or beaches.  We’ve been to 8 different ones.  Early on in the vacation, I got sunburn on the back of my thighs, way up high.  Ok, basically, my butt cheeks got a little pink in their lower region.  Relying upon a spray can of SPF 50 isn’t foolproof, you know? Anyway, it was the first of a few different isolated, random sunburns I experienced on the annual vacation.  The tops of my feet, the area immediately above my bikini top, my left wrist…yeah, you get the picture.  It was a silly series of burns, fortunately, none too serious or painful.

Maybe I can blame some of my distracted sunscreen application on something I observed which occupied my attention, namely cigarette butts.  Can someone, anyone, tell me who the people are that toss the remains of their addiction on the sand at a pristine beach?  I mean, it’s different from that guy at Aquinnah who was smoking a cigar on the beach.  That was smelly and unwelcome, but it eventually wafted off, unlike those nasty cigarette remnants.  Those, well, those will be there for a long time to go.

It would be awesome if butts and burning were mutually exclusive, wouldn’t it? How about I do a better job of covering my ass (and my feet and my chest…) and smokers dispose of their trash in a more considerate manner?  Sounds like a much more scenic beach experience for all of us.

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