Pie-eyed for the Scottish Bakehouse

One, okay two, of the best things I put in my mouth while on vacation this year was pie from the Scottish Bakehouse in Tisbury. I think I've mentioned this place before and am happy to report that, like some favorite books from years gone by, this special bakery continues to satisfy. When I rolled in to … Continue reading Pie-eyed for the Scottish Bakehouse

Dinner at the Art Cliff Diner

During the two weeks we spend at the beach each summer, we eat dinner out maybe a handful of times. Part of that decision is based upon practicalities - kids, expense, day drinking and driving, but the fact that we've been disappointed with pricy meals in restaurants with menus that attempt to satisfy adults and … Continue reading Dinner at the Art Cliff Diner

Moms@Work – August posts

Let's forgive me for not getting to this until what is essentially the second week of September, ok?  Seeing that the school year is beginning so late, I've kind of been pretending that this past weekend was Labor Day.  But, without further ado... For the third year in a row, I completed the Warrior Dash … Continue reading Moms@Work – August posts

What I missed

After being back and settled in the DelSo for a week, I thought I'd share what I missed this summer while away. Some of the items on the list, I may take for granted when I'm home, while others are always appreciated. The list is not in any order, although alphabetical would naturally be my … Continue reading What I missed

Beach bests – and worsts

Best: outdoor showers under an inky sky sparkling with stars and fireflies Worst: washing towels nearly daily Best: naps on the beach once your children become a certain age Worst: sand in between the sheets Best: fresh ocean breezes Worst: green head flies Best: the slower pace from driving on dirt roads Worst: the layer … Continue reading Beach bests – and worsts