Blocks of conversation at BUILT

Saturday night was the Historic Albany Foundation’s annual art auction/fundraiser hosted at the stunningly beautiful (and really well-lit, Nick) Cathedral of All Saints.  This was my 3rd time to attend this event and it just keeps getting better!  The crowd is always uniquely and colorfully dressed and it is an absolute feast for the eyes (and ears!)in a thousand different ways.  Here’s some of what I heard as I worked the room stalking photographing folks…

“The art is the best I have seen!”

“I have a Ragsdale in my bathroom”*

“The food is terrific!”

We in the DelSo are very proud of our own Ken Ragsdale whose spectacularly detailed drawing won the top prize in this juried event!!  Laura Glazer’s charmingly re-purposed glove also was very deservingly honored.  Please read Chuck Miller’s post for much more intelligently expressed information about the show and the works which were displayed – and successfully auctioned off.  Kudos also need to be given to Nicole’s Catering which did a wonderful job with the food and service – way to represent our neighborhood, guys!

I shot a SEEN gallery for the TU and you can check those photos out here.  I feel awful for not snagging a picture of Ken, but I did capture a photo of Laura Glazer looking as fabulously tall as ever.  Look out, Ken, I’ll get you next year!

*Ok, this was actually something I said to silence the two men bragging about the Ken Ragsdale pieces they have hung in their homes.  It worked.  And I do.

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