The pretension of DelSo

I’ve been doing this DelSo thing for close to 5 years and have been called a couple of things. I think interesting is my favorite. Over at Tablehopping I, along with my neighbors, I suppose, recently earned the title “pretentious.” Here – read it for yourself.

What do you think? Was dubbing my little neighborhood DelSo really an act worthy of that moniker? Why are Steve’s readers so damn negative?  I don’t suppose there’s a single answer to those questions, but let’s focus on the positive, shall* we?  We in the DelSo are getting a terrific “new” spot to eat in our neighborhood!

*Is “shall” pretentious?

4 thoughts on “The pretension of DelSo

  1. I think the moniker Delso is perfect for a neighborhood designation. I live in ‘The Station’ on Whitehall Road. On a recent trip to Portland Maine – south Portland (where we usually stay) is called SoPo! Love it! So, from Delso to SoPo…keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous! I really cant get my head around the thought process of some people. I think they’re the same folks who envy anyone’s good fortune and hold grudges.

  3. Love the DelSo moniker, and would like to see more frequent use of the old neighborhood names in Albany. It is less about a name or status and more about people trying to create a personable atmosphere among neighbors and a collective pride in neighborhoods. That has been missing in Albany for some time. And it’s clearly not a provincial thing since I think “DelSoutherners” are generally pro-Albany, regardless of whether it happens between Whitehall and I-87 or not.

    The real controversy may be whether La Empanada Llama (which I like and hope does well in its new home) is actually in DelSo! Looks like it is just North of the boundary (in NoDelSo? DelNo? NorDel? 😉 )

  4. I love it. When I have discussions about the lack of pride ‘we’ have in our area, you and DelSo are an example I use of what we need more of to counter the negativity. Keep it up please!

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