Make your own traditions

traditionWe began our day tramping through a field hunting for a Christmas tree. As always, we picked the perfect one. This year’s definition of “perfect” is about 5’6″ tall and rather elegantly thin. (Whatever the hell that means.) It shouldn’t take too long to decorate.

Yesterday was also the 10th annual Winter WonderLark celebration, complete with Santa Speedo Race. I thoroughly enjoyed this event, one that I’d describe as half dressed, yet completely wholesome. There were lots of friendly and familiar faces and it is truly one of Lark Street’s finest showings. I wish Lark Fest and Tulip Fest were nearly as low-key and enjoyable.

Quinn and took part in our favorite activity – the eating of candy decorating a gingerbread house. The UAG hosts this and it is a deal. For only $10 you get a basic cookie house and 2 cups of candy of your choosing. My boy and I talked about tradition, symmetry in gingerbread house design and decoration and Japanese anime vs manga. When we left, we walked up Lark Street crossing streets arms in arm.

As we headed towards our car, we were offered the last balloon from one from of the vendor’s table. In pleasant surprise, Quinn accepted the gift. We reached Oh Bar where a sweet man gifted Quinn with an unopened quart of Golden Eggnog. A plan was immediately offered by my son – save the eggnog so we could drink it Christmas morning because that’s our tradition. I assured him we would have eggnog, even if I had to buy more. Quinn remarked that he thought we must live in one of the nicest cities in the world because everyone on Lark Street had been “so damn nice to him.”

We baked some cookies – finishing them (excessively) with green and red sugar. There were stars and angels and little black dresses, which were actually green or red, and of, course, dinosaurs. At our house we believe dinosaurs go with all holidays and whenever we make rolled cookies, the dinosaur cookie cutter is made use of. Quinn ate a couple of garish stars with a glass of egg nog, accepting a light sprinkle of nutmeg on top after I explained that it was tradition.

He said it was all delicious.

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I couldn’t have agreed more.

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