Pieces of summer

I’ve booked the first of our mini family vacations and I’m kind of excited about going somewhere new. Once the Cape thing fell apart, I consulted with my crew and Toronto came up as a potential destination. After a moment of insanity when I actually considered doing Cleveland, Niagara Falls and Toronto, I got real and settled on Niagara Falls and Toronto. Despite the appeal of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, that 7 additional hours in the car would just break me.

None of us have ever visited Canada beyond Montreal and I’m looking forward to seeing a new place. I mean, life’s all about that, isn’t it? I’ve booked the hotels, all in Canada, but beyond that we’re completely open. It seems that we must do some sort of boat ride at the Falls, right? Do any of you have a recommendation or do we just go with Maid of the Mist? My oldest son is set on visiting the CN Tower and Casa Loma in Toronto, so I’m thinking it might make sense to buy this city pass.  I’m sure we can fit another attraction or two in from what’s included and it sure would simplify things. Simple is what I need right now.

Seeing that Toronto has a Chinatown and we have a tradition of having Peking Duck in Chinatowns in 6 cities in 3 countries on 2 continents, so far, I’m sure one of our meals will be Chinese. What other foods should we sample? Our location looks pretty central and I’m hoping to park the car and either walk or take transportation to most of the sights. Any tips for that?

My next task is to organize a little getaway for August – I’m thinking maybe a cabin on a lake for a few nights. Feel free to make recommendations – dog friendly, if possible. Jeter deserves a little vacation, too!

3 thoughts on “Pieces of summer

  1. One major tip, if you’re driving in leave the car at the hotel and take public transportation. We tried to drive on the first day and had a really rough go at it with traffic. Public transportation is great, they actually have the longest street car line in North America which is cool to ride as an activity on its own.

    For food: the two markets, St. Lawrence is a more standard indoor market, but huge and amazing (chicken sandwich from churrascos and fresh croissants down in the basement) while Kensington is outdoors and over a span of a few blocks and has a real trendy vintage vibe to it.
    Outside of markets, Le Papillion was great French Canadian and Lucy Ethiopian Kitchen was..you guessed it, awesome Ethiopian.

    For nature: A visit to the Scarborough Bluff’s is beautiful hiking spot just outside of the city. The Toronto Islands are a great place to hike around too, plus the ferry ride is gorgeous. High Park is their main city park, it’s huge with a zoo, gardens, and hiking trails.

    As for Niagara Falls, we chose to do the Hornblower Cruise on the Canadian side just to expand our time in a different country. I’m sure its the same as the Maid of the Mist though. We also really loved the Bird Kingdom where exotic birds fly around, and it’s a sort of botanical garden too.

    Have fun it’s an awesome trip!

  2. Wow!! Thank you so much for all of those tips. We’re staying on the Canadian side of the falls for a night and I’ll take your recommendation for the Hornblower Cruise for sure. I’m more excited than ever for the little get away!

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