May’s best bites

Presenting, in no particular order, the 5 best things I ate in the 5th month of the year… Softshell crabs at New World Bistro Bar. It might be the fleeting availability of this spring delicacy that makes them so damn special, but the capable hands of the kitchen at NWBB elevated them to a new … Continue reading May’s best bites

Sunday papers

An article in the Sunday TU caught my eye.  It's about speculators folks collecting art and storing it in shipping containers in Geneva, motivated by a wish to inflate the value, rather than to display and enjoy. That's seriously fucked up. How beautiful is something that is hidden expressly to manipulate its worth? Maybe I'm naive, … Continue reading Sunday papers

Sometimes life isn’t a beach

For the first time in 18 years I don’t have summer accommodations booked for Cape Cod. After last year’s trip, which took a lot out of all of us despite the great house and nearly all good company, and buying the restaurant which kind of put a new limit on the length of time I … Continue reading Sometimes life isn’t a beach

Dinner reservation for Marissa, party of 5.

Commencement weekend in a college town means a lot of things, like unexpected traffic, parties and a surge in no-show reservations in area restaurants. You see, it seems that to many graduates picking a restaurant and keeping a reservation is akin to selecting and committing to an undergraduate major - they simply can't do it. … Continue reading Dinner reservation for Marissa, party of 5.

Mother’s Day 2016 –3 sons, 7 Sisters and two many moms with lost children

Being a mom to 3 boys is sometimes an exercise in acceptance. There will never be breakfast in bed or handmade cards decorated with lace doily hearts and glitter or prom dress shopping, but, I’m ok with that. I wouldn’t trade my guys for the world. Knowing that Mother’s Day has the potential to be basically … Continue reading Mother’s Day 2016 –3 sons, 7 Sisters and two many moms with lost children