The thrill of espadrilles

While I wouldn’t describe myself as incredibly traditional, there are some classic wardrobe pieces for which I have a genuine fondness. My Frye Campus boots or the gold charm bracelet I’ve been adding to for decades, for instance. I love the fact that neither will ever go out of fashion and that adding either to an outfit lends an immediate sense of style. In recent years, I’ve been searching for the ultimate pair of espadrilles for summer which is not an easy task, to be honest, when you’re particular about the color, style and fit.

As is often the case, I stumbled upon the perfect pair on a day when I wasn’t really seeking anything. I had just run the Sleepy Hollow Half and my friend and I were driving north in the most leisurely of manners, when we decided to stop in at TJ Maxx for a browse. Now, I haven’t really been shopping since my Unlimited Rent the Runway subscription has kept my wardrobe fresh and well stocked, but I’m always game to browse the shoe department and that’s where I found them – a pair of denim blue wedge espadrilles.

I went back and forth a bit on the size with one pair a tad small and the other a bit large. I selected the larger of the two and happily went on my way, $40 lighter and excited for a new pair of shoes which I hoped would become the ideal pair for my scheduled 2019 travels. Prior to my trip I wore them for a day and discovered that the size wasn’t quite right. My heel kept slipping out and I was forced to move slower than my usual speed, obviously unacceptable. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime and their incredible array of shoe insert things. Two days later, I was all set with great fitting and stylish shoes for the new season.

These shoes are super comfortable, versatile and surprisingly, fairly practical. Yesterday when I was tramping through the woods and trails near Galway’s coast, my feet remained dry in a way I never would have imagined. I am just thrilled with my espadrilles. Are there classic articles of attire about which you feel strongly – positive or negative? Maybe a recent favorite shoe purchase you’d like to share?

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