The devil went down to Georgia…

9FF9CD42-A552-49B4-BA54-E762D69BC939…for a haircut. Or was it a new tattoo? Maybe he needed to get to the gym or see the latest film in the theater. I simply can’t imagine what he needed to do that was really worth risking lives in a state that has the eighth highest positive rate of Covid-19 diagnoses in the country.

While Governor Brian Kemp’s decision to reopen nonessential businesses, at a time when his state continues to trend up in terms of new cases diagnosed, may be the definition of reckless endangerment, his edict is eclipsed by the mind blowing stupidity of Donald Trump. I mean, I just can’t even with the man I refer to as the “Idiot in Chief.”

D2E9B4B5-2AE1-438B-9F30-D53F4A5D8208First, we were completely “on top of it,” which was remarkable when you consider DJT had proclaimed the “China virus” a “hoax.” We were advised to not worry because the virus would hopefully become “weaker with warm weather” and was not as dangerous as the flu. By April, all would be well and we’d be back to work. Trump predicted “packed churches all over our country” by Easter.

Well, we know that wasn’t remotely realistic, despite his assurances that the virus “would disappear one day” just “like a miracle.” Thousands of people in our country have died from the Coronavirus, including a number who ingested a malaria drug after POTUS suggested it might help those suffering from the virus, “What do you have to lose? Take it.”

The latest idiocy promoted by our leader has prompted Lysol and medical professionals, as well as governments around the world, to quickly refute his suggestion that injecting disinfectant or irradiating bodies with UV light might be a valid treatment plan. Are you kidding me?

Yesterday I was able to purchase every item on my grocery store wish list. Yes, I bought a 12-pack of tp, a box of tissues, Ajax and a gallon of bleach. I won’t be ingesting any of those items. That bottle of tequila, though, might be my best bet for escaping the ignorant, ill thought recommendations and actions of elected officials like Kemp and Trump.

Stay safe, friends.

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