My first snuff film – The murder of George Floyd

Image: Jerry Holt

When it comes to violence, I have a very limited capacity to digest it. Movie scenes that depict violence, cause me to close my eyes. It makes me physically nauseous to witness people being punched and kicked and stabbed and shot and I simply am unwilling to absorb those images.

Despite having watched the national news for years and being familiar with countless other situations which resulted in the same outcome, I am distraught about the death of George Floyd. This latest example of excessive and unreasonable force by the police has shocked me into action. I need to do something to demonstrate my refusal to accept that police officers have the right to kill black citizens.

If you are not moved to participate in helping to eliminate the fundamental and pervasive racism that provides our country’s foundation, what more would it take? How many black people losing their lives do you need to witness before you understand that if you’re not part of the solution than, by default, you’re part of the problem.

The president of the (un)United States  has expressed himself in actions and tweets as willing to turn our military and armed forces against our citizenry. This same administration has stoked racial divide since the moment of its conception – the Mexicans, Chinese, Muslims, all spoken about in a disrespectful and dismissive fashion encouraging jingoistic behavior from followers. Donald Trump is the ultimate deplorable, a grifter in every way.

TODAY (5/30/20) there’s a run/walk scheduled in Albany @1:00 pm. Never has the need for demonstration been more demanded. Never has there been a time more important for residents to express their refusal to – 

  • tolerate violence against fellow humans.
  • accept that anyone has the right to murder a man on live media and then expect to get away with it.
  • perpetuate the belief that whites are somehow the superior race
  • believe, God damnit, that this is the best we can do?

Maybe I’ll see you there?

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