Trumpster fire

My chin is still on the ground after last night’s “shit show” of a debate. It’s clear to me who the intelligent, compassionate, committed to anti racism, residents of our country must support during this critical election season. It isn’t even close.

While I sincerely wish the candidates were younger people, I’ll place my vote on the old guy who sometimes looked like he wanted to think more slowly, rather than the one who shows no apparent thoughts at all.

Trump is a buffoon who has navigated his way through life by dishonesty and bullying. He hasn’t negotiated. He doesn’t know how to negotiate. He cares nothing about anyone but himself.

He is the sludge on the bottom of your sandal in NYC. In July. On garbage day.

If you are of a different opinion about the literal piece of shit presently residing in the White House, the divide between us is too great. I can’t tolerate people who support this man. I don’t need to debate them or have a dramatic parting of ways. I just can’t spend social time with them.

There is no common ground between people who can’t denounce white supremacy and those who are appalled by the president of the United (?) States actively inflaming gun wielding radical right groups such as the Proud Boys.

Decency does not exist in the country Donald Trump wants to live in. That doesn’t sound all that great to me at all.

5 thoughts on “Trumpster fire

    1. I question if he really had the virus, goes to the hospital on Friday and will be released tonight (Mon} at 6:30
      Can’t trust what comes out of the White House.

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