Small Business Saturday

As someone who has repeatedly broken up with Jeff Bezos only to take him back during a moment of weakness, I understand how it can be a challenge to step away from the convenience of purchasing an array of items from a single “store” and have them delivered to your home. I absolutely get it, especially during a health pandemic. But, if you still want to see small, independent businesses once this crisis is over, it’s time to walk the walk, friends.

Today, Saturday 11/28, is Small Business Saturday and here in Albany there’s a great event designed to make holiday shopping festive and safe. The weather looks dry and moderate and there are special deals and offers up and down Lark Street and Madison and Delaware Avenues. A couple of my favorite spots to shop include Elissa Halloran Designs, Byron and Gill Mercantile and Seasons Skate Shop. I also plan to hit up Lark Street Mercantile and Olive & June Florals for unique, well curated gifts for friends who truly need nothing, but appreciate quality small batch items.

If you can’t make today’s event in person, most businesses have shopping options such as websites with curbside pickup or delivery available and many stores feature extended hours from now through the holiday season. Also consider Etsy or other online portals which provide small businesses with a platform from which to sell their wares. I recently scored this one of a kind cotton slip with which I’m obsessed (and that was before I even read the hand written card which accompanied my beautifully packaged garment) and I know my son is going to love the Angela Davis t-shirt he’ll be getting for Christmas.

Finally – consider gift certificates from local restaurants and stores. The cash infusion businesses receive when you purchase them can quite literally be the difference between them weathering this economic disaster and closing permanently. Do what you can, stay safe and maybe I’ll see you on Lark Street.

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