Things for which I’m grateful in 2020

The good health of my children

and my loved ones.

Neighbors who host bonfires for socially distanced get togethers

and who are capable of, and willing to, spatchcock your Thanksgiving bird.

That my days of being a server working my way through college are long gone

and that I don’t own a restaurant.

My proximity to the Normanskill Farm for quick three mile runs

and the person there who found my house key when I lost it last week.

A career that comes with the privilege of working with children

and time spent at home recharging.

The friend, who only has cats (that behave like dogs)

and her observation that my dog’s harness was on incorrectly.

Friends and family near and far

and the optimism that causes me to believe I’ll see them before too long.

Dinner this evening with all three of my sons

and sending the older two home with leftovers.

A new President for this battered country

and the hope for better days ahead for all.

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