Sunday morning woodsmoke hair…

…seems like the perfect smell to wake up to on the last day of what has been an excellent week. The aroma of last evening’s socially distanced, neighborhood bonfire lingered in a way that made me smile with satisfaction. It’s been such a good week.

What makes a good week in my world? It’s funny because it isn’t really necessarily anything exceptional. It’s more a subtle combination of events that quietly follow one another, unremarkable individually but transcending the basic as they flow into each other.

The week featured some very good meals, which I enjoyed with my sons, solo and with friends in my small social pod. I got to the newly available again golf course – 3x, once when it was sub freezing and a mere 3 days later in a tank top. Jeter and I ran the yellow brick road to the Normanskill farm twice. There was also a yoga flow class which made me feel strongly limber and relaxed simultaneously.

Work was consistently positive with my lesson plan hitting the kids even better than I had hoped. Beyond the school day I did three hours of professional development, meeting with colleagues remotely to share policies, experiences and emotional support to one another.

My only frustration has been dreadful sleep of late. I fall asleep fairly quickly and usually have solid rest for the first 4 hours or so. After that, it’s a matter of waking repeatedly in between bouts of tossing and turning. It pretty much stinks but I’m trying to accept it because being angry about being awake isn’t going to help me sleep.

This itemization of a bunch of moments and experiences might not add up to being anything exceptional to you, but to me, it was a confirmation that I’m on the right path. I feel happy. Yesterday, at the golf course, I could not stop myself from skipping. Yes, skipping. It just felt so good to indulge my body’s wish for an elevated heart rate, not caring in the slightest what an observer might think of my less than adult pace.

While my body demanded to be busy, my mind was peacefully quiet. I wasn’t second guessing recent decisions. I accepted where I was at that precise moment, not wishing to be anywhere else and understanding I was just where I belonged. Whatever comes next, will come – I’m not in any rush. Right now, nothing about my life stinks. Other than my hair.

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